Spiritual Gift Resources

Several jigsaw puzzle pieces scattered on a white surface. Some are with the face up while others are with the face down. On the right upper corner there is a partially solved fragment made out of six pieces.

As part of our Greater Gifts series we have talked about spiritual gifts. Here are some resources to help discern what your gifts are.

24-Hour Fast and Prayer Vigil

The Good Shepherd Parish along with the churches in the Eldon Ministerial Alliance – Living Hope Bible Church, Assembly of God, and Eldon Christian Church have partnered for a 24-hour fast and prayer vigil beginning at 7:00am Friday, January 11th through 7:00am Saturday the 12th.  We will be praying for our leaders, political leaders as many begin their new terms, as well as leaders in all walks of our lives.  We will be praying for our churches and our schools.  We will be praying for God’s kingdom come and God’s will be done.

There is a prayer room set aside at Living Hope, and many people have signed up in shifts to ensure that there is no break in our prayers during this set aside time.  You are encouraged to stop in and pray, or pray where you are, joined together in spirit with our Christian community.

To break our fast, Living Hope has graciously offered to host a Break Fast starting, of course, at 7:00am on Saturday.  Please join us and share what taking part in this experience has meant to you.

For those new to fasting, here is a link to an article that explains it nicely.

The peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you!

Pastor Kelly